Welcome to Ollie B. Design!

I am Farris Smith, a freelance Graphic Designer with 5 years of experience. My little family started in October of 2017 with the birth of my son, Oliver Smith…and you were wondering why I call my business Ollie B. Designs :)

Whether you need a logo, marketing materials, business cards or just personalized stationary, I am your girl! I deal with you from the start of your project and help you create something you love and even see it through the printing process all the way to your finished product. I love what I do and am interested to get to know you and your needs for your business so feel free to reach out and let me know how I can help!


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My name is Farris Raines Smith and I am a native Nashvillian, wife to Taylor, mom to Oliver (and our fur baby, Bailey), Graphic Designer, entrepreneur, lover of global travel, and Enneagram 4 (with a 3 wing if you can't tell). I started my career out of college not knowing what the heck I wanted to do with my life. I always knew I was creative but my dad reminded me creatives don't make money (honestly, most don't) so I tried other jobs but eventually decided I had to go where my heart was. I took some calligraphy classes and graphic design classes and just fell in love. The beauty I could create and the possibilities were endless.

So, I opened my own little business called Thistle and Sage Designs and did calligraphy, greeting cards, invitations, and all sorts of design all while working part-time for a corporate company doing graphic design. I was deep into my dream and all of a sudden...BAM, I saw two lines on a pregnancy test when I was expecting to see one.

Wow, did that one throw me for a loop! I went through a mourning process (a long process) and one day Oliver was born and my whole world turned upside down...parents, you know that feeling...I never knew that kind of love existed. Suddenly, he inspired everything I did and here we are! I changed the name of my business and decided to bring a light focus on motherhood and parenting because this journey into motherhood has been life altering for me. I want to encourage and make parents laugh because somedays, we really need a laugh. I want to make motherhood just a little easier and more beautiful one paper product at a time so I hope you will join me on this journey while I continue to design and create and also be a mom full-time :).